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3 Great Places To Wear Your Faux Leather Nautical Tote Bag

There are a lot of different accessories you can pick up when you shop, but selecting something versatile with classic styling is always a great option. Faux leather nautical tote bags are an ideal accessory, since gold accents, the warm look of leather, and navy and white stripes compliment just about anything. Check out these three great places to wear your faux leather nautical tote bag

1. Boating 

Nothing says "ahoy" like a gorgeous nautical-themed tote. With faux leather accents, you won't have to worry about your bag being damaged by the occasional splash of water, and you will have enough space inside your bag to tote along everything from your sunglasses to an extra towel and bathing suit. 

If you plan to take your new tote boating or anywhere that could jostle you around, make sure the top has a zip closure. That way, you can put your things away, zip up your bag, and enjoy a stress-free ride. 

2. Out With Friends 

One thing that is really nice about carrying a budget bag is the fact that if it gets stolen or misplaced, you aren't out a lot of money. While it's always a smart idea to carry as few credit cards and as little cash as possible, you could hit a club or a restaurant downtown with your friends without worrying too much about your bag being taken. If you find an inexpensive tote bag that you really love, consider buying two of them so you always have a backup. 

3. Summer Party 

Many summertime tote bags, including many faux leather nautical themed varieties, are made with stain-resistant leathers and fabrics, which can help you to keep the bag looking fantastic for many years to come. Whether you are thinking about going to a summer party where snow cones will be served or taking that bag four-wheeling, it should be able to stand up against dirt and spills. 

If you want a faux leather nautical tote bag, think about how much you want to spend on a new bag and how much storage space you need. The right bag should be able to fit all of the things you might need on a daily basis and should be sturdy enough to hold up for several seasons. Be picky when you shop, and you are sure to end up with a bag that you will love for years. 

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