Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips for Great Accessorizing

Caring For Your Favorite Flowy Shirt

A flowy black shirt can be a popular garment for both professional and social settings. However, these garments will have their own unique care needs that will have to be met. Otherwise, you may find that your favorite shirt becomes warped, discolored, or suffers other damage.

Wash The Garment On The Gentle Setting

When washing the flowy shirt, you will need to be mindful of the risk of it warping, tearing, or ripping while it is in the washing machine. This will most often be the result of the garments becoming tangled while they are in the wash. One way to combat this type of damage is to limit the number of garments that you wash at one time when cleaning a flowy shirt, while also setting the washing machine on its lowest setting. This will greatly reduce the chances of the garments becoming tangled while still ensuring that they are effectively and thoroughly cleaned.

Avoid Storing The Shirt Where Sunlight Can Shine On It

A common mistake people will make when storing garments is failing to protect them from the sunlight. If garments are stored in an area where they can receive intense and direct sunlight, it can be extremely damaging to the pigments as well as the fabric itself. This can lead to the shirt losing its color, and the fabric may become more brittle. Whenever you are storing your garments, you will want to make sure that they are positioned where they do not receive any strong and direct sunlight. If you have a large walk-in closet with a window, applying a tinted film to this window can block the wavelengths of light that can be damaging to garments.

Keep Spot Treatments Readily Available

Over the course of the day, there may be a risk of you accidentally spilling something on your garments. If this occurs, you may be at risk of leaving a permanent stain on the garment that could ruin its appearance. Ideally, a garment that has suffered staining should be immediately washed and treated, but this may not always be possible when you are out and about. Keeping a spot treatment kit available with you can enable you to quickly apply a treatment to the stain so that it may have a harder time setting before you are able to wash the garment. This will greatly increase the amount of the stain that you are able to remove after the first wash.

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