Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips for Great Accessorizing

Add Happiness To Your Life

Lately, have you felt like you've been down in the dumps more often than you have felt real happiness? Of course, it's pretty normal to have days when you feel sad or depressed. But, it's not necessary to keep having that kind of day over and over. Maybe you have decided to do something about that. Keep reading for some ideas that might help you bring joy back into life. 

Think of making an actual list of things you can try to bring happiness into your life on a more constant level. 

Start By Forgetting Yourself 

Have you noticed that, when you do something nice for somebody else, you instantly feel like you're in a better place?

So many people are staying home during this COVID-19 crisis. Think of leaving flowers on their front door step with a note saying something like, Just remember you can smell the flowers even when you're inside your house.

Think of having food delivered to some of your friends and extended family members. Pizza delivery or Chinese food delivery are just two ideas of meals that will probably be very well received.

Take time every single day to write notes to your friends and family. Choose pretty note cards to make your message even more fun. The price of a stamp is a pretty cheap way to touch somebody else's life and yours, too.

Real Books That Might Make You Happier 

Have you gotten addicted to television series or to Netflix shows? Think of changing things up by reading some books that just might help you to be happier.

Start by reading Matthieu Ricard's book called Happiness. Ricard draws from his Buddhist background, from other people's writings, from his own life's experiences and even from scientific research. The book is an easy read. While you read it, think of marking special passages or of taking notes. In fact, you'll probably want to read Happiness more than once to get the full effect that will bring more happiness into your own life.

Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu have joined forces to write another amazing book, The Book Of Joy. These two men are alike and different at the same time. One thing they have in common is a love of life, a determination to live life fully, and the desire to bring joy to others. You'll find both humor and seriousness in The Book Of Joy. 

Start the series of novels written by Jan Karon. Even if you aren't an Episcopalian yourself, you'll delight in reading about Father Tim's approach to life. You'll probably learn a lot about being happy just because you're making right choices and because you are serving other people. Father Tim might become your hero.

Besides reaching out to others and reading books, don't forget to listen to uplifting music. 

For more ideas, reach out to a company that offers books like Happiness by Matthieu Ricard and others.

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Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips For Great Accessorizing

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