Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips for Great Accessorizing

Plan The Best Mother's Day Ever

Does your mother live alone? If so, the social distancing that has come because of the COVID-19 crisis has probably hit her really hard. With that in mind, maybe you have decided to plan an extra special Mother's Day. If you already have her gifts and the day's activities planned, there's not a reason for you to keep reading. However, if you are still looking for ideas, read on for some that might turn out to be helpful.

Include A Modest Dark Denim Pencil Skirt In Her Gifts - Aren't you grateful that you can shop online? You've probably become an online shopping expert during this worldwide pandemic. Think of starting off by buying your mother a dark denim pencil skirt online. If she loves things on the conservative side, choose a modest denim pencil skirt. Think of creating a large gift basket with several gifts for your mother to open. 

Besides getting a modest dark denim skirt online, think of buying your mother a chic summer T-shirt to wear with the skirt. Another idea is to get her a red denim jacket, which will add pizzazz to the skirt and T-shirt ensemble. If your mother likes jewelry, buy some casual pieces to add pizzazz to the outfit. For instance, wooden hoop earrings and wooden bangle bracelets would be a great choice. Of course, add her favorite treats to the gift basket, too.

Plan A Special Mother's Day Event - Unfortunately, places like restaurants and movie theaters will probably still be closed on May 10. But, that doesn't mean that you can't plan a fun outing with your mother. If you are married with children, get your spouse and your kids in on the planning. 

Think of planning a country drive that will lead you through beautiful countrysides and sleepy little towns. Pack a picnic that includes some of your mother's favorite foods. For instance, is your mother a meat eater? If so, take a hibachi grill so you can grill steaks in a pretty, out-of-the-way setting. Of course, plan to serve your mother's favorite dessert, too.

If you do go on a country drive for a picnic, don't be surprised when your mother wears her brand-new modest dark denim pencil skirt and the other clothes you got to go with it. Be sure to take a picture of your mother. Frame it so it will remind her of the extra-special Mother's Day you planned for her.

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Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips For Great Accessorizing

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