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4 Awesome Swimwear Trends For 2020

Are you headed to the beach or to a friend's pool party? You'd best be sure you have an amazing designer bathing suit to wear! What's cool in swimwear changes pretty drastically from year to year, so to stay up to date, here's a look at some of the best designer swimwear trends for 2020.

1.Solid Colors

For the past few years, most swimwear has been patterned. There have been many sets in which just the bottoms were patterned and the top was solid. In 2020, that's changing. Although patterns are definitely not out, solids are more popular than they have been. It's all about the bold shades these days! You'll look right on-trend in a bathing suit that is deep orange, violet, or sea green.

2. Buttons

It might sound strange to suggest buttons on a bathing suit, but indeed, this is a look that designers are loving right now. It really adds some character to a solid-colored one-piece that would otherwise look boring. Usually, three small buttons are used, and they're placed in a manner that makes the suit look a bit like a Henley shirt. The suit itself is often made from a thicker material, rather than from the spandex blend most people associate with bathing suits. This is a good trend to jump on if you're looking for a suit that offers a little more coverage.

3. High-Waisted Briefs

This has been a trend for a couple of years now, and it's more popular than ever for 2020. High-waisted bottoms that come up over the belly button, but that show off a little more of your posterior, are quite popular. Usually, they are paired with a traditional bikini top, although you can definitely find bandeau tops and similar styles if you prefer something more reserved.

4. High-Cut One-Pieces

A trend that is just starting to dominate the designer runways is the super high-cut one-piece bathing suit. These suits are cut quite high in the leg, sometimes even past the waist. The result is that the suit makes your legs look even longer than they really are. It's a bit of a risque look, but if you can pull it off, it's pretty fun.

Keep these trends in mind when shopping for a bathing suit this year. The designers are always coming up with new ideas, and it is fun to embrace them and see where it goes.

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