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Buying Work Uniforms For Your Security Company's Employees? Here Are A Few Features To Look For

It's important to make sure that your security company's employees are provided with a work uniform to wear whenever they are on the job. This will help you establish a professional and reliable reputation throughout your community and ensure that your employees are easy to identify as a supportive resource wherever they might be working. Here are a few features to look for when buying new work uniforms for your security employees.

A Universal Fit

One important feature to look for when buying work uniforms for your security employees is a universal fit so you don't have to continually purchase new uniforms as employee turnover is experienced. If your work uniforms have to be fitted to everybody you employ, you will likely have to purchase a new uniform every time you add someone to your roster.

And uniforms you've provided to employees who end up quitting or getting fired will probably sit on a shelf collecting dust until someone else comes along who can fit into it. Purchasing pants with elastic waistbands, vests that have adjustable straps, and shirts featuring "one size fits all" tags will help ensure that you don't have to buy a brand new uniform for every new employee you decide to hire as time goes on.

Bright Color Options

To keep your security officers safe while they are on the job, it's important to make sure that they can be clearly seen and identified from a distance. A great way to do this is to invest in work uniforms that are bright in color. Yellow, orange, red, and even bright green uniform shirts will get the attention of walkers and drivers wherever they are working.

Your uniforms don't have to be a solid bright color. Just make sure that the neck and sleeve lines are bright. Or have your company's logo imprinted on the backs of your uniform shirts using a bright color. You should also attach reflectors to your security vests so your employees can be seen at night time.

Plenty of Storage Space

The uniforms you invest in for your security guards should also feature lots of storage space so they can keep their hands free while they work. The pants should feature deep pockets suitable for things like pepper spray, wallets, and keys. The shirts should feature large front pockets where small notebooks can be stored for record-keeping. And the vests should have zippered pockets where things like walkie talkies, whistles, and other important equipment can be secured with minimal risk of getting lost.

Contact a work uniform provider today to learn more about what your design options are and to start designing a set of custom uniforms for your business.

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