Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips for Great Accessorizing

Two Tips For Ordering Promotional Clothing For Your Business

Promotional clothing can be an excellent way of spreading awareness about your brand. However, it is a reality that many small and startup business owners have limited experience with ordering these articles of clothing. When this is the case, it is possible to make some misguided decisions that can lead to avoidable problems. By utilizing the following couple of tips, you should find that you are better prepared to get the most from your investment in promotional clothing and accessories. Read More 

Shoe Repair Hacks You Can Do Yourself

Buying new shoes every time your old ones get damaged or stained can get quite expensive. Even cheap shoes aren't cheap anymore. But nobody wants to wear worn-out shoes with the soles flapping and the seams ripped or worn looking. You can take them to a shoe repair shop to have them professionally repaired for some things like worn soles or to have ripped buckles repaired, but some things you can do at home yourself. Read More 

Two Plus-Size Fashion Trends You May Want To Try

It's no secret that finding trendy clothes to wear when your dress size is in the double digits can be difficult. In the past, plus-sized women had to choose between plainer-than-plain basic styles or everything-bagel-style floral prints. Thankfully, designers are starting to realize curvy fashionistas do exist and have begun developing stylish clothes they can wear. If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe, here are two fashions trends you should try out this year. Read More 

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Ending Accessory Anxiety: Tips For Great Accessorizing

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